No one believe how good the cannabis is in Beverly Hills

What comes to mind when you think of Beverly Hills, California? Don’t overthink it, just write down the first thing that comes to mind.

Was it Beverly Hills 90210, or some other show or movie set here? Was it Rodeo Drive and the world’s most amazing shopping experience? Perhaps it was the skyline, and how it’s beauty is something to behold.

No matter what it was you thought of, I bet your answer wasn’t cannabis, was it? No one ever thinks of cannabis when they think of Beverly Hills, but they should! Let me tell you why…this is the best and most glamorous city in the entire world, so of course we also have the best and most glamorous cannabis. Of course the homegrown cannabis in Beverly Hills most comes from Humboldt County, but we also grow a lot of local strains that are excellent. Everyone knows Humboldt County is a scary place to visit, so more Beverly Hills companies have been experimenting with growing local crops. Besides the crops grown in and around Beverly Hills, it is also easy to find the best strains from around the globe. No self-respecting cannabis dispensary in Beverly Hills will be out of stock when it comes to the best strains from Hawaii and Acapulco! Beverly Hills may not be the largest city in California, but we are the most global in our tastes. I know that you won’t come all the way out to Beverly Hills just for the cannabis, but if you ever do come to visit, make sure to drop by a dispensary.


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