Love my visits there

The first time I visited a San Francisco cannabis dispensary, I had no idea what to expect, but i was totally amazed and impressed by the spacious shops with bright lighting and new design.

  • I’ve found that the budtenders are friendly, expertiseable and extremely helpful.

I always assume comfortable asking questions and taking my time browsing the various products. There is so much to choose from, and I’m limited in how much I’m allowed to buy… CA law permits legal possession of up to 28.5 grams of marijuana and up to 8 grams of concentrate. There are over four dozen strains of smokable flower featured in glass jars on the shelves. I appreciate the complexity of colors, abundance of trichomes and bright yellow pistils that evidence top quality weed. If I want to avoid the work but appreciate the same experience of traditional smoking, I can buy pre-rolled joints, blunts or cannagars. They are sold in singles and packs. I like the pre-rolls infused with kief for added potency. The dispensary features an on-site bakery that creates a wide menu of tasty edibles, including brownies, cookies, gummies and chocolates. They even offer weird kinds of cannabis-infused beverages, then for topicals, there are balms, sprays, roll-ons, ointments, lip balms and even bath bombs. I could spend hours just considering the types of concentrates and then hang out with some actually fantastic people in the dab bar. There is an amazing display of disposable and refillable vapes, which I can appreciate in the comfort of the vape lounge, plus, the dispensary sells every kind of gear and accessory I could possibly want.

Weed Dispensary San Fransisco CA