Heading back to IL

When I was asked to come back to the small town in IL where I was born & raised, I had to think about it for a few afternoons, then although I do have some wonderful memories about growing up on the farm, I had worked honestly hard to build a new life for myself, then i couldn’t imagine residing in IL again; But our outdated private school English teacher called me, but he was now the principal of the little school, & wanted myself and others to come & speak to his students.

She said a lot of them wanted to get out of the IL farming life, & that I could inspire them to follow their dreams.

I always had a soft spot for Mrs McGill, so I booked the next flight to IL & returned to our outdated stomping grounds. It felt care about this would be a wonderful way to supply back to the community that has formed the man I am today, & to assist the young people of IL who were going through the same things I went through; When you grow up in rural IL it’s sort of expected that you will stay local, & become a farmer or other domestic worker, but for IL youngsters that have dreams of school, or science, or the arts,they need a little encouragement… On a much more self-serving sidenote, I also wanted to load up on cannabis when I was there, because IL produces some of the stickiest, ickiest chronic I have ever smoked! Between school & cannabis, this trip will kill many doves with one stone.
Medical Pot Illinois