My wife is from Denver

My wife is from Denver CO, and all of us have to see her family once a year while in the holidays, however i had never been to that area in the US before.

  • I have to say, I unquestionably love it.

I love how simple it is to be active in Denver… There are running routes, bike trails, hiking and tons of parks. I am a immense workout oriented guy, then so what I do is pack my shoes, jump ropes with odd weights and a yoga mat, however periodically I rent a bike to go on the trails or take myself and others to 1 of the local locals. I will stretch, squat, push up or crunch! Most of the time I either run or use my jump rope. The scenery in CO is just appealing and the weather is quite pleasant whenever both of us go as well. I have been talking to my friends about the area. All of us do a boy’s trip every year. All of us fly all over places love California, LA and FL. I said that both of us should choose Denver, CO this year. There is a lot to do. There is nightlife, it is pretty and it is somewhere new, and no, you don’t suppose of Denver when you are thinking of party cities. I suppose it could adapt to any type of traveler however. I am just unquestionably glad that my wife is from somewhere nice. I have to go once a year and I look forward to it. If she was from a colder state it would be horrible. Another pro is that in CO you can have access to legal cannabis.

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