How Seattle benefits from marijuana

I had a funny thing happen to me Last yearwhile I was out having supper with our neighbor Gloria, however the people I was with and I went to 1 of the newest and most exciting diners in the downtown area, and I must say the locale lived up to the hype! The meal was exquisite, and the ambiance even moreso, and best of all the prices were adequate! Usually to get a superb dining meal in this town you have to spend our money through the nose! I was so enthusiastic with our meal that I leaned back in our chair and lit up a marijuana cigarette, however gloria snatched it away from me and ground it out. I started laughing, because I realized our mistake, however cannabis is so normal in Seattle that periodically I forget both of us can’t smoke it in public! If I were in a well-ventilated area in public, without other people around me, then no 1 would care that I was smoking cannabis, then but even in Seattle there are rules and regulations, and smoking cannabis in a locale where minutehand smoke affects others is against the law. There are no laws against taking cannabis edibles in Seattle, though, so usually I keep a bag of them with me at all times, however how nice is it to live in a locale where you don’t have to worry about going to jail for cannabis? Part of the reason Seattle has a low crime rate is because cannabis is not a crime! This saves the city of Seattle millions of dollars a year in court costs and prison expenses, all the while generating millions in extra cannabis resite!



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