Lowell was unexpectedly fun

I recently found myself in Lowell MI on a supplier trip! I didn’t have too high of expectations for the area.

I figured I would just do our workload, eat at the hotel plus then fly back home.

I only had to suffer a few afternoons there after all. I Found that I genuinely enjoyed the area. It was quaint, cute plus there was quite a bit to do… The shopping was genuinely neat. I found a wine store that offered a lot of wines that I had never heard of. There were tons of identifiable boutiques that carried items I would have not found otherwise. Bridge Street Market also offered a lot of odd types of shopping. I am normally not a big shopper, however I had a good shopping day plus enjoyed the food as well. The city is clean, safe plus the weather was actually nice while I was there. I wasn’t at all bummed by our trip to Lowell; Now when our arena of toil needs someone to travel, I am not so hesitant. I did research the section a bit before going though. Before I just blindly stayed in hotels plus did nothing. If I would have researched Lowell beforehand, I would have found more things to do I am sure. I later figured out that MI is a recreational weed state. I could have found a dispensary plus picked up some products. I could have tried edibles, vaped an oil, something. But I went into it with no proficiency plus didn’t even walk into a dispensary. That was a big letdown.

Recreational Marijuana Lowell MI