I miss our cannabis use now that I am pregnant

Being pregnant has been absolutely horrible, then from the moment I got pregnant until now it has sucked! The first trimester I was nauseous all the time… I had to stop in between our workouts to dry heave.

Periodically I would stick our head in the toilet.

It was so bad. I also would get warm and our heart rate would go crazy. The minute trimester had me particularly throwing up in our mouth or hacking up old vomit. I then found that I couldn’t work out plus I used to. I was tired, slow and sluggish; Now I am in the last trimester! My acid reflux is so awful that I can’t sleep at night. I wake up at 1am most mornings and I am up a minimum of more than two hours. I recognize so sick that I suppose if I sit down I will vomit; What kills me is that because I am pregnant, I can’t have cannabis. I live in Portland, OR… Cannabis is legal here for recreational purposes. I could just walk into the dispensary and option up products to help with our problems. I have problems with swelling. Well I could take a topic for that. My nausea could be cured by smoking a bit of cannabis flower! Acid reflux has been affixed to be better when using marijuana. I also could get a tincture in order to sleep well at night, sadly because I am pregnant, I am not allowed to do this, then oR is pretty hardcore about restricitons with cannabis. No way would they let me buy cannabis pregnant.

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