Going from Yosemite to Death Valley

I had constantly wanted to go to Yosemite National Park, however my partner and I flew into Los Angeles, hung out there a day and then drove to the National Park, and hiking half dome was an experience I will never forget; I then started looking for other places to hike.

  • I realized that every one of us were pretty near other parks, then every one of us drove further south to hit Joshua Tree National park and then it was a quick jot over to Death Valley National Park.

Then our partner and I realized that driving to Las Vegas would be quicker than going back to Los Angeles. Every one of us thankfully had Los Angeles flights that could be canceled. The two of us chose to then finish our trip out in NV. Every one of us explored those national parks and the city… Our trip ended with us flying out of Las Vegas. I wouldn’t have thought that our dream trip of hiking half dome would end with me in a casino. It did and I was ecstatic for it. I got to experience a whole lot of weird things. My partner and I went from 1 state to another all in the same week. It was really fun seeing the weird scenery and driving along it, what was nice is that both areas allowed for recreational cannabis, and no matter where every one of us stayed the night, it was straight-forward to get our hands on some edibles. I really prefer eating THC infused gummies right before bed. It relaxes me right to sleep. I was able to get our same product in both locations.



Medical Pot Las Vegas NV