The Denver marijuana shop had cannabutter for sale

Cannabutter is an infused butter that has cannabis.

Cannabutter can be purchased from a marijuana shop, where it can be made at home.

I tried several times to make my own cannabis infused butter at home. The key to a good batch of cannabis butter is using the right type of butter. I like to pick butter that is salted. I use a high quality marijuana product like Gorilla Glue number for, Girl Scout cookies, or OG kush. I heat up my oven to 250°. I break up the pieces of marijuana flower into the smallest and tiniest pieces. I put all of the flowers in a parchment paper pouch. I then wrap the parchment in aluminum foil and place it in a baking dish. I put the marijuana product in the oven for 25 minutes. I grind the decarboxylated flowers in a grinder before I use them to make cannabis butter. Infusing the butter is the hardest part of the process. You really have to be careful in order to get the best taste and flavor. It’s much easier and quicker to buy cannabutter products from a local Denver dispensary. Most of the Denver marijuana shops do not carry cannabutter and other baking products. My friends and I were visiting a place by the aquarium and the Denver marijuana shop had several different types of cannabutter. Some were infused with garlic and truffle and some were made for baking. The place had the biggest selection of cannabis baking goods that I have ever seen. They even had chocolate chips to use for baking cookies that were infused with marijuana.
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