Who Knows Madison County?

Women of a certain age fell in prefer with Madison County because of a certain book published many years ago… If you are one of the women who adored The Covered Bridges of Madison County oh, back in the day, let myself and others tell you both you and I do not need Madison County, and right here in Lowell MI, you can find one incredible beauty of a covered bridge, then the Fellows Berg covered bridge in Dallas Berg Park is the perfect location to Showcase your beauty and photography ability, but whether you choose to locate yourself next to the delightful yellow sign showing the history or you prefer to have your photographer kneel way back and get both you and the bridge in the same shot, you cannot go wrong.

The two of us simply do not need Madison County anymore women.

What else is there to do in Lowell MI? Well, you can find yourself an adorable little Eatery and appreciate A delicious light supper with your friends or spouse. Why not get a little shopping done as well? Boutique Emmanuel is a enjoyable location to opportunity up fabulous items for you and the other women in your life. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for a gift, a quick trip into this delightful little Boutique is sure to find you something you simply cannot resist. If you are clever enough to visit Lowell in the Autumn season, you simply mustn’t miss The apple Festival.Bring your friends or your youngsters and get the most out of a Thursday morning by visiting the Farmers Market, Enjoying a scavenger hunt, or getting the youngsters faces painted to look appreciate their number one superhero.

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