The printer was supposed to print 500 flyers and not 5,000

Before I left the shop in Evansville yesterday, I set the printer to complete a printing job overnight.

I scheduled a printer to print 500 flyers for an upcoming advertising promotion at the HVAC business.

I planned to have a mechanic or two pass out all of the flyers in Evansville. I got to work the next day and I found more than 2,000 pieces of paper sitting on the floor. I had just stopped the ream of paper and the printer with three spools. I accidentally pressed 5,000 copies instead of 500. It took almost an hour to clean up all of the mess from the printer. There was no way I could use all of those flyers, but I gave each one of the Evansville HVAC mechanics a stack and sold them to go out to businesses and residential areas to pass them out. It wasn’t a very busy day and I had lots of guys standing around. We went all over Evansville passing out the informational papers. The next day I had more than a dozen different calls for commercial services. Most of the commercial services were all in the same business part. I asked my employees which one of them went to the business park to pass out flyers. That guy was going to get a pretty big bonus after we picked up three jobs in Evansville. One of the customers in Evansville scheduled a tune-up for the same week and the commercial HVAC repair customer scheduled a new AC install for next month.

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