The Elgin heating company hooked us up with something nice

My wife and I have a place over by the lake, but our main residence is in Elgin, illinois.

Elgin is a pretty place to live.

It’s a small suburb of Chicago, about an hour west of the city limits. It’s a bit far to commute but there are ways to get to the city if you work there every day. My wife and I both work in Elgin, so we don’t have to commute far at all. My wife works at the school and I work at the car dealership. Sometimes we get to have lunch together if I’m not having a particularly busy day. We were having lunch together a few days ago and my wife and I were discussing heating options for the living room. Both of us think it would be nice to have a fireplace, but that isn’t a luxury that we can actually have in our condo. I have thought a lot about a space heater that looks like a fireplace. My wife and I decided to contact an Elgin heating company to see if they could give us some ideas on machines that might work in our condo. The Elgin heating company was happy to send a salesman to evaluate our needs and help us with all of our questions. The salesman wasn’t too pushy. He gave us lots of options and let us make our own choices without much interference. We selected a corner space heater that looks exactly like a fireplace. The Elgin heating company installed the space heating system in a few hours. It looks absolutely fabulous in the corner of the room and it’s totally functional.

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