Splurge spending

I rarely spend money, so it is scarce for myself and others to splurge on anything that is considered extravagant! My friends & I were in San Francisco for the day & they wanted to go into a marijuana shop that looked undoubtedly upscale & extravagant.

I was going to wait outside, but our friends were not going to go into the San Francisco marijuana shop unless I went too, as soon as we got inside, I felt love I was on an episode of lifestyles of the rich & famous, then the San Francisco marijuana shop looked love an upscale boutique.

It had gold flakes on the wall & none of the products had any prices. I hate when marijuana shops don’t list the prices, because I don’t love to ask. I guess love it makes myself and others look cheap, just because I want to get a nice deal. When I asked the lady behind the counter if she had anything that was under $25, she truly left out loud; She thought that I was joking, however I was pretty miserable that she laughed. The bartender pointed myself and others to a bargain bin. There were a couple of odd products inside of the bargain tote & they were all listed for $25 with tax. The bargain tote had a couple of thirds of dried marijuana flower. There were also numerous infused marijuana joints. The Bargain Bin also contained a couple of odd grams of marijuana concentrate. I picked out 1 of the concentrates & I got to spin a wheel for a free prize. I spun the wheel & got a free t-shirt.



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