I put a small portable AC in the room for my mom

My wife and I moved my mom to our house a couple of weeks ago and she has been absolutely miserable.

You never wanted to move to Phoenix in the first place, but my wife and I were adamant that it was absolutely necessary.

My mom has complained about the heat since she arrived. It’s only April and she said that it feels like hell in her bedroom. She thinks that we are trying to slowly burn her to death. I realize that my mom might be losing some of her mental sanity too. I told my mom that I would do whatever she wanted so she would be more comfortable and she told me that she wanted an AC unit in her bedroom. There was already Central AC in the room, but she was used to seeing a window AC unit. The old house had window units and this place had Central ac. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t as comfortable as she was in the old house. The temperature in Phoenix is also a lot warmer than it was in her old home. When my wife and I were out running some errands a few days ago, I found a portable AC unit at the hardware store. It was on sale for half price and I thought it was a pretty good deal. I bought a portable AC unit and I took it home to show my mom. She was absolutely excited when she found out that I was going to install the machine in her room.

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