I couldn't get our automobile to start that December morning

I live in the foothills just above the city of denver, but down in the city, the temperatures are mild while I was in the winter! Sometimes it snows, however the deranged amount of snow that most people guess about in Denver really only occurs in the higher elevations; I happen to live in the hills just above the city.

It actually gets colder here than it does in Denver and it stays chilly for a lot longer.

During the Winter time months, I really have to cuddle our car, the automobile is about 10 years outdated and it really needs a fantastic tune-up, shocks, and tires. I have to start the automobile early when it is cold so it has time to warm up. The automobile drives better when it has had time to warm up on a cold day. The temperatures this year have been absolutely cold and both of us have already seen a couple of days when the temperature reached the frosty mark. On one of those days, I couldn’t get our automobile to start. I was supposed to be at work at the Denver marijuana dispensary at 9:00 a.m. I woke up in the morning with plenty of time to spare. I took a shower and had a healthy dinner. I watched some videos on Tik Tok and then I got dressed and went outside to start our car. I turned the key over a couple of times and I didn’t get anything at all. I tried and tried, however the automobile would not start. I had to call the Denver marijuana dispensary and tell our boss that I was not going to be able to come to work.

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