Not many professional teams to pick from

I am a large athletic interests fan! Wherever I live I make sure to get into the professional teams! I will watch any professional level athletic interest.

It is kind of cool that work bumps me all over the United States.

I then get to experience new sites and new teams, and typically the athletic interest is football, however every now and then there are states that have absolutely wonderful professional teams in other athletic interests. I have watched hoops, baseball and hockey before as well, then currently I am in Portland OR. The state is wonderful, the weather is wonderful and there is recreational cannabis here. I am pretty lucky in our location; However, the athletic interesting side of the state is lacking. The only professional teams are for soccer and a single hoops team. The Portland Trail Blazers are a hoops team and they are pretty good. I am just not a large time hoops fan. The soccer teams are the Portland Thorns and Portland Timbers… Both female and male professional soccer teams. That is pretty cool to watch. Typically the athletic interests I see are indoors. Being outside and seeing soccer of all things is pretty cool. I have a group of friends that go with me. The people I was with and I pregame with legal pot at someone’s beach house before the large game. Then both of us eat our weight in popcorn and cheer on the guys and ladies that are playing that afternoon. It is obviously better when the professional team does well and wins, but I am not usual enough with the athletic interest to correctly get into it.

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