When it is hurricane season

During the assault of Hurricane Ian, I sat in rapt attention seeing on our cable until the power went out… I live far enough away from the coast that I wasn’t badly impacted by the storm surge, however it was still a unquestionably frightening time for myself and others & our family, when the power went out I mostly sat at the window seeing the wind & the rain run rampant through the city.

I know a lot of people who lost their homes, so I understand how lucky I am to make it through unscathed; That said, going a month without power was tough.

Even in the aftermath of a hurricane St. Petersburg is usually unquestionably moderate & humid. That’s just how it goes around here, if anything St Petersburg experienced some of the coolest temps in weeks while both of us were in the storm. The air pressure dropped, & after the hurricane was gone St. Petersburg felt as temperate as I can remember. That lasted for multiple nights, & after that I needed to turn the air conditioning back on! Thankfully this section of St. Petersburg only experienced power outages for a couple of nights, & then to myself and others it was back to normal. I wish that was true for everyone in St. Petersburg, however I know a lot of people lost their homes or their lives, however overall I know St. Petersburg is a unquestionably safe venue to live, & I don’t adore the effects of future storms, then dealing with storms comes with the territory, however I can’t imagine living somewhere else however St. Petersburg.

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