Pumpkinfest is a big thing in our household

Fall is a huge deal in our household! The youngsters prefer carving pumpkin, drinking cider and watching Halloween themed movies, but lee’s Summit Missouri looks gorgeous in the fall.

Both of us undoubtedly experience decreasing leaves and the cold comes quickly, but didier Farms offers a garden center, homegrown vegetables prefer cucumber, corn and pumpkins and they host Pumpkinfest starting in September and ending on Halloween.

There are pony rides, a 5 acre corn maze, and a small petting zoo, but i have a four, six and 7 year old. Pumpkinfest is the highlight of the year for everybody. I make sure to take us right in September. The weather starts cooling down however it isn’t so bad that it isn’t tolerable. The youngsters can prefer everything Pumpkinfest has to offer without cold to death. I usually buy a ton of vegetables that I later use for soups. It is amazing how tasty freshly grown produce is. I prefer making a overheated soup, cranking our gas oil furnace and getting the youngsters all moderate and snuggled after Pumpkinfest. The youngsters consistently end up buying a pumpkin to carve there too. I drag our living room table in the living room in front of the heating plan and cover it in newspapers. The youngsters then carve their pumpkins right there and the wash up is straight-forward. Then the people I was with and I can locale the pumpkins outside our front door with a candle in it and honestly recognize festive. The youngsters usually get me to drive them one more time to the event since I prefer seeing the gardens and picking up cucumber. I can consistently freeze it and save it for later.


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