Just a bit of heating

The temperature outside is starting to get colder

My partner and I have lived in Phoenix, Arizona for the past 20 years, however our mom recently moved here to live with us, all of us built a mother-in-law suite out of the garage and the two of us set everything up so our mom would be ecstatic and comfortable. All of us bought a comfortable bed with up-to-date sheets, pillows, and quilts. All of us painted the room a light yellow color that our mom would like and the two of us picked out some curtains with butterflies. All of us also contacted a Phoenix Heating and A/C supplier to add ductless heating and cooling in the additional space, and it was important to make sure that our mom was going to be sizzling enough during the Winter time and cool enough during the summer. The Phoenix Heating and A/C supplier added the ductless heating and cooling plan in a space near the west wall of the room and it looked great, and my mom moved into the room and she was very ecstatic with all of the accommodations, however she said the two of us chose to go through too much trouble, however I just wanted her to be ecstatic. I knew that she did not want to leave her lake home and I wanted her to be ecstatic in Phoenix with us. The temperature outside is starting to get colder. My mom has a nice ductless oil furnace that the two of us paid good money to install, however our mom insists on using a small space oil furnace that she brought from her house. The space oil furnace is old, dusty, dirty and it odors bad every time she turns it on. I want our mom to be ecstatic, however I want her to be healthy too.

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