Vegas has its own lifestyle

I don’t love to travel… I’ve never liked to travel.

Making the 30 minute drive to the local beach is 1 thing, but getting on a plane to cross the country was never something I enjoyed; Some people love to travel, to see current locations, but I am not 1 of them! When it came time for the annual convention, the boss told me I had to go.

I have worked here for 4 years, & never gone to the convention once, but everyone else had done it, & now the boss said it was our turn, & I had no option in the matter. It was a free trip to Las Vegas, with food, accommodations, & airfare fully paid for, & yet I still dragged our feet about it, once I got to Las Vegas & started to experience the wonders it had to show me, I regretted not coming sooner. Since I had seen Las Vegas on cable & in films our whole life, I thought I had the whole town figured out. I might have known what it looked like, but there is no way to explain the feeling of Las Vegas without being here in person! Vegas has a vibe, it’s love a high-octane nice mood surrounding you all the time! Ready access to drinking & cannabis fuels that vibe, keeping almost everyone feeling nice & loose. I have to implore almost everyone to forget what you think you guess about Las Vegas. Even if you don’t gamble, drink, or smoke cannabis, you need to experience the vibe of this town in person.


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