The weed driver got lost coming to my house

It’s nice to live in a state that has legal recreational and medical marijuana laws, and my friends and I can use recreational marijuana separate from fear that both of us are going to get arrested every time someone smells weed; The two of us do not take advantage of the rules, nobody smokes weed in public and both of us are honestly careful when both of us are out on the town.

I usually order my marijuana products from a cheap marijuana dispensary in ThoUSnd Oaks.

I live in ThoUSnd Oaks with my mom and dad. They do not care if I smoke marijuana as long as I do not do it in the house. I have to go outside on the patio. It’s not that big of a deal, because there is a appealing view from the patio. I ordered online from the cheap marijuana dispensary and I selected the delivery option. I had to take a picture of the front and back of my driver’s license, after that I acquired an eta. The driver was supposed to arrive within 50 minutes and he had 2 stops before me. I liked the fact that I got a constant update of the driver’s location so I didn’t have to worry about missing the guy. The ThoUSnd Oaks marijuana dispensary delivery driver also called when he got close to the address. I decided to walk out front so I could meet the marijuana dispensary driver. I didn’t want him to bring the doorbell, because pretty much everyone else in the house was already asleep. It was close to midnight, however I ran out of marijuana and I wasn’t ready to call it a night.


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