Baseball tailgates are a blast

I ended up moving to my guy’s home state of Illinois since he wanted to be closer to his family; He also wanted to land in Chicago since there would be more chance for work; I didn’t realize a few things about Chicago until I moved, then one, the seasons are quite brutal. It can’t get chilly cold plus sweltering depending on the season… Two, recreational marijuana is allowed in Chicago plus people take full luck of it. I had never gotten to experience weed in a store setting before. It was always an illegal joint handed to me or someone with a hook up would bring pot brownies. That was all I could get, and now I can walk into a store plus purchase recreational weed in any form like oil, flower or an edible. That is super fun… Lastly, Chicago is a sizable baseball lover area; Apparently there is quite the rivalry between the Chicago Cubs plus the White Soxs, when they do the summertime Crosstown Classic people go insane… During the season the White Sox lovers are hardcore about their games, since the two of us live on the south side, that is technically our team, however my guy is obsessed with going to the games plus the tailgate beforehand; People hardcore tailgate for this baseball team. There are outdoor grills plus tons of vendors outside of the venue. People light off fireworks plus I see a ton of people partaking in the local cannabis. The food, seating plus ticketing plan I have noticed is much better than any other venue I have been to as well.

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