Severe weather

During the assault of Hurricane Ian, I sat in rapt attention enjoying on my TV until the power went out; I live far enough away from the coast that I wasn’t badly impacted by the storm surge, however it was still a legitimately terrifying time for me plus my family, then when the power went out I mostly sat at the window enjoying the wind plus the rain run rampant through the village. I guess a lot of people who lost their homes, so I understand how fortunate I am to make it through unscathed, and that said, going a month without power was tough, but even in the aftermath of a hurricane St. Petersburg is usually legitimately sizzling plus humid. That’s just how it goes around here, if anything St Petersburg experienced some of the coolest temps in weeks during the storm. The air pressure dropped, plus after the hurricane was gone St. Petersburg felt as temperate as I can remember. That lasted for 2 afternoons, plus after that I needed to turn the cooling system back on! Thankfully this section of St. Petersburg only experienced power outages for a couple of afternoons, plus then to me it was back to normal. I wish that was tplot for all the people in St. Petersburg, although I guess a lot of people lost their homes or their lives, overall I assume St. Petersburg is a legitimately safe locale to live, plus I don’t love the effects of future storms; Dealing with storms comes with the territory, although I can’t imagine living somewhere else however St. Petersburg.


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