Tourism drives up the price of weed in San Francisco

If you walk up to a person on the street in San Francisco, chances are that the person is going to be a tourist or someone that isn’t from the city.

San Francisco is a place that is always filled with tourists.

I understand why there are so many tourists. San Francisco and the Bay Area is easily one of the prettiest places in the whole country. If you haven’t been to the Bay Area or seen the bridge, I would highly recommend taking some time to put that on your bucket list. San Francisco is one of my favorite places in the whole world. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to move to the city after I finished my PhD. I could have gone anywhere to research my topic of interest, but I have always loved San Francisco. Unfortunately for me, tourism really drives up the price of recreational marijuana. I have to spend a fortune on marijuana delivery, because all of the tourists want to buy weed from the same places. Sometimes it’s frustrating, because there are other dispensaries outside of the city with the prices that are 20% lower. As a resident of San Francisco county, I should be able to get a discount from the local medical and recreational cannabis shops.The only way I can save money on marijuana is to take a drive about an hour away from the city. I can find better prices, but it takes a lot of driving. With gas at $7 a gallon, I might as well spend the extra cash on the marijuana supplies.

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