Shooting a horror film in Denver

My love of camping and the outdoors started when I was a little kid. My parents were big fans of hiking, rock climbing, and camping, so that is where it began. As I became a teenager and started to find myself as a person, I fell in love with horror movies. Now that I am an adult, with a clear vision of what I want to do with my life, I can see how my two great interests came together. My goal is to shoot a horror movie in the woods, on location, just outside of Denver, Colorado. I feel that the woods near Denver would be the perfect place to shoot a low-budget horror movie that drips with atmosphere and ambiance. I needed to spend a lot of time planning the logistics of the film, mostly because of the intense weather changes we get in the Denver area. Being this high up can lead to stiff winds, and the intense cold of the Denver winer would make shooting in the woods a difficult task. A summer shoot would be necessary, but it is also the busy season in some of the areas near Denver. As I said, planning out an entire movie is a difficult chore, but thankfully I had legal cannabis to help keep me focused. The cannabis Denver is the best I’ve ever smoked, and instead of making me feel goofy or sleepy it makes me feel creative and focused. If I want to make the greatest horror film in the history of Denver, I need to keep smoking cannabis and get it all planned out.
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