Seattle is diverse, and has killer weed

The city of Seattle is home to one of the most joyfully diverse populations anywhere in the country.

Like most major cities it has traditionally been predominantly white, but that has continued to evolve over the years.

Seattle is the “melting pot” of the Pacific Northwest, a place where people come together, live together, and embrace one another. Did you know that Seattle Washington is second only to San Francisco in terms of the GLBT community? A major study in 2006 determined that over 12% of the population of Seattle identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. One can only wonder about how much that number has grown since then! I don’t think these numbers mean that Seattle is a “gay Mecca” as some have said, I think that people are just comfortable to be themselves here. There are still a lot of places in this country where people have to hide who they are, but Seattle is not one of those places. People of all races, nationalities, backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, and sexual preferences all live peacefully in Seattle. People here care about their community, but they also mind their own business. Maybe the cannabis industry has something to do with it, because Seattle citizens smoke a lot of weed, and perhaps that keeps them relaxed. I like to frequent a small cannabis dispensary that is right at the end of my block. Usually I stick to CBD products, but once in a while I will indulge in a few grams of Seattle’s finest home-grown cannabis. We always grow the best stuff around here.

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