Phoenix has great weather during the summer months

Phoenix has great weather during the summer months, but it also has great weather throughout the rest of the year.

  • The great weather is one of the reasons why I chose to move to the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Phoenix is a huge city that has a lot of architecture, museums, and fine arts. There are more than 1 million residents in the city of phoenix. It is one of only two state capital cities with a population that is higher than 1 million. Each year people come from all over the country to visit Phoenix. During the Spring and Summer months, there are thousands of visitors to the golf courses. I work at one of the golf courses in phoenix. I am in charge of maintenance inside of the clubhouse. Whenever there is an issue with the heating, cooling, or refrigeration systems, it is my job to fix things. I worked for a Phoenix commercial HVAC repair service for 10 years and then I got the job working at the golf course. The job required 5 years of experience with HVAC systems and refrigeration. When I applied, I got a call the very next day from the clubhouse manager. He brought me in for an interview and we had lunch in the club. The job at the golf course did not pay as much as my job at the commercial HVAC repair service, but the job at the golf course comes with a lot of perks. I get a membership for myself and my family for free and we can enjoy all of the perks of being a member because I am an employee.


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