Elgin is a big city compared to some other places

I went to school in Chicago and graduated with an mba.

I found a job working as an actuary at a company located in Elgin, illinois.

The company hired me right out of college. I was going to continue living in the city, but it made more sense for me to move to elgin. After all, the commute was a tenth of the time after I moved to the same place where the job was located. Elgin is one of the biggest suburbs in all of Cook county. Elgin has a very large and diverse group of residents. Many different cultures and ethical backgrounds are represented. Elgin is certainly a big city when you compare it to some of the smaller places like Orland Park and Glenview. Elgin is one of the only places in the area that has legal gambling. I went to the casino a couple of weeks ago and the slot room was closed down for hours. There was no air conditioning inside of the room where the slots are located. To make matters worse, smoking is allowed in the slot room. Without the air conditioner running and the air ventilation system working properly, the indoor air quality was atrocious. The slot room was closed for several hours while I was there and it did not reopen until I was getting ready to leave for the day. It must have fixed the problems with the heating and air conditioning system before they reopened the room. It took a very long time to get things sorted out.



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