Orland park and Chicago are pretty nearby

My lady plus I live in Orland park! Orland Park is a suburb outside of chicago… I work in the town of Chicago plus I have to commute to work every single day.

I manage a medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary in chicago. I’m closer to the south side of the city, so I don’t have a poor commute. I take the train whenever possible so I don’t have to spend currency on gas plus car repair. I also don’t have to rest in traffic each plus every day when I am on our way to work, taking the public conveyation services available means that I can save nearly 40 minutes every day when I am on our way to work. The owner of the Chicago recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary treats me truly well. I gained a fine salary plus extra benefits… My lady plus I get 50% off all of our recreational plus medical marijuana supplies. I am allowed to choose our own staff plus I can also get rid of anyone that is not working out. I have full autonomy to make all decisions for the Chicago marijuana dispensary. I get to choose when the two of us will have sales plus the category of promotions that the two of us will run. yesterday the two of us had a sale on edibles every Tuesday. The sale seemed to do truly well plus the two of us had a lot of modern customers that came to the Chicago marijuana dispensary during that particular day. Next week the two of us are going to have another advertising promotion for edibles, but the days will be Tuesday plus Wednesday so more customers can take advantage of the low prices.



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