Love this place

My best neighbor and I decided to go to a pigskin game in phoenix, and the beach cabin team was playing the rival.

  • Tickets for the game were $265 each, then my neighbor and I paid the price for the tickets, because the seats were good and the game was going to be sold out; It was the opportunity of a lifetime to see the beach cabin team play and first location in the division was at stake… Jack and I arrived an minute early for the game, so both of us could get beers and sizzling pets and find our seats before the game started.

The people I was with and I got to see the beach cabin team sizzling up on the practice field, some of the guys were signing autographs. I wanted to run down there and get one of the guys to sign my shirt, however it was mostly adolescents and I didn’t want to look prefer a nerd. Jack and I watched the pigskin game from the 40-yard line on the beach cabin team side. The people I was with and I heard every crash and bash. The people I was with and I had a pretty good view, however temperatures at the pigskin game were terrible. It was as sizzling as can be and it did not assume prefer there was any A/C running at all in the enclosed location. The location was supposed to have climate control however it certainly felt prefer there was no A/C running, but after the experience, I decided to save my cash and watch the AZ games from the comfort of my home. I have an excellent A/C component and heating idea and I can adjust the temperature anywhere that I want.

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