I enjoy the ice near Denver

I first started skiing when I was more than seven years old, and that was just down the gentle slope in my parents backyard, however I must have done it a thoUSAnd times or more… As a teenager I made friends who liked to ski, so we would take road trips over to the mountain for some real slopes.

The mountain is about an hour away, so we could spend hours on end laboring on our skills.

My friend Jill ended up making the Olympics for her downhill skiing, however I only ever did it for fun, living in Denver gives me easy access to dozens of different skiing slopes, so I never worry about getting bored skiing the same mountains, then who could get bored, when Denver always has such amazing cannabis to smoke on the drive there? There are literally dozens of cannabis dispensaries in Denver, so it’s easy to find a single on the way out of town, and on the way to the slopes I get nice & toasty, & then spend the day tearing up the pristine snow with Denver in the distance behind me. Because of the altitude (and a little help from current science) there is skiing all year around in Denver! You don’t have to wait until winter, if you are in Denver & want to ski, you can get started instantly. Don’t take my word for it, just do a quick Google search to find many different service providers that will help you find convenient ski slopes near Denver. And while you’re here, check out our cannabis dispensaries!


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