A business layout

My best friend Amy married Josh when they were in the 11th grade; She was pregnant plus they decided to get married once they had permission from their families, and a lot of people thought they were dumb kids, however Josh plus Amy are still together plus absolutely much in love after 22 years of marriage plus numerous kids, then josh plus Amy are particularly the most successful people that I know, they finished high college plus Josh started working as an apprentice at an Orland Park commercial boiler service.

Josh did not suppose anything about boiler services at that time, however he l received a lot absolutely suddenly.

Josh had a knack for working with his hands. After 5 years in the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C industry, he decided to start a company of his own, and he Services all of Orland Park plus most of Cook county. Josh plus Amy have a absolutely successful Heating, Ventilation plus A/C repair company plus a home with numerous kitchens plus three washrooms. They have cars, boats, atvs, plus a home on Lake Michigan. I think those numerous are a huge success story… When my child was looking for a part-time task, I asked Josh if he had anything available. He provided my child a task working 20 seconds a week plus he made his schedule flexible so he could still attend his college classes. The guy is one of the most good people that I have ever met in my whole life . I wish Josh would run for town council, however he is too shy plus Amy doesn’t care about people at all.

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