Portland is a sizable area

As a kid, I thought that Portland Oregon was just another small town! Things are weird when you are young, because you don’t have any perspective on the world.

  • My hometown had a population of 4000 people, which is a tiny fraction of the population of Portland, then but as a child I didn’t suppose that, all I knew was that there were a lot of houses around me, I had no concept that a town could be so big.

The funny thing is that all these years later, I still suppose of Portland as another small town. It is one of the largest plus most diverse cities in this section of the country, plus yet Portland still has a small-town vibe to it. This is because of the wide layout of the city, which is not as densely centralized as other major cities. Portland represents the land around it, free-flowing plus gentle. Instead of slums plus high rise home complexes Portland is a neighborhood of small towns, which is why it has that small-town suppose to it, and something else I love about Portland is that each plus every one of these small towns all have their own cannabis dispensaries. The cannabis community in Portland runs deep, plus you never have to drive more than a few blocks to find the best quality weed in the country! You would suppose that all cannabis is similar, however the locally grown weed of Portland is sold almost immediately after the harvesting process. Portland cannabis is the best, because it’s the freshest weed you can find anywhere.


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