The lights were bright here

My wifey plus I spent most of the afternoon in Las vegas, however the two of us were supposed to hang out with some friends in the afternoon, but all of us ended up walking around the strip all afternoon! It was seriously overheated plus a little humid.

I was miserable.

The two of us kept dipping in plus out of the casinos so all of us could get air conditioner for a little while, and every once in a while, a security officer would transfer us away from the slot machines because all of us were not putting any quarters in them, however by the end of the afternoon, I had quite a headache. The lights were bright plus blinding plus I thought my head was going to explode; My wifey plus I walked into a pharmacy plus I found some pain relievers. They had more than two odd types to choose from, so I picked the 1 that was the least high-priced. The name brand choice was on sale, so it turned out to be less than the off-brand. I took a couple of pills plus my wifey plus I started walking back to our motel room. The two of us passed by a Las Vegas marijuana dispensary. I told my wifey that all of us should go inside plus buy a marijuana joint. I knew it would help with my headache. The two of us went into the dispensary plus the people were so nice. The Las Vegas dispensary had a ton of choices available. The two of us picked out a marijuana joint that was called OG kush. My wifey also got a beverage that was a spritzer infused with cannabis. I didn’t care for the taste or flavor of the beverage, but my wifey thought it was pretty good.

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