The prices on repairs are going up next quarter

I know that my customers are not going to be very happy when they find out that I have to raise all of the prices on services, but the recession has hit me hard and things have not been the same since the beginning of the pandemic.

Business went down the toilet when I had to take a couple of weeks off of work. I haven’t really been able to recover from that since it occurred. I am the owner of an Evansville heating and air conditioning service. My family and I have been in the business for 40 years. I hate to raise the prices now, because I know that everyone is hurting. We’re all feeling the pain at the pump and everyone is affected by the price of food rapidly increasing each and every week. I haven’t seen the price of gas this high in Evansville, Indiana, since the early 2000s. I’ve done my best to keep prices low for as long as I can, but I absolutely have to raise the prices of regular services that I provide to my commercial customers. Many of the commercial HVAC customers in Evansville, Indiana are on a payment plan. Some of them wait 90 days before they pay the minimum on their account and I cannot afford to wait that long for payment when my family and I are starving. I sent out an email to several of my big commercial clients. I asked them to get with me quickly so we can discuss all of the new pricing. I don’t want anyone to find out the bad news other than from me.