The driver almost went off the road into the water

I am always very careful when the weather is less than ideal.

When you live in Seattle, Washington, you have to be prepared for rain.

It rains more in Seattle than most places around the country. We have a wet season and then another season that is even better. The rain makes me sad and depressed sometimes, but marijuana helps a lot. Marijuana makes me feel cheerful. I’m lucky to live in a state where recreational and medical marijuana are legal and easy to obtain. The prices on marijuana in Seattle are some of the lowest in the whole country. I got a job working at a Seattle marijuana delivery service and I earn really good money. I rarely have to worry about paying my rent or my car payment. Even on a bad week, I still do really well. When it rains I have to be careful, because my tires need to be replaced. I’ve been putting off the job, but I know that it is time to get it done. I decided to schedule the work on the tires after I witnessed an accident last weekend. It was raining pretty hard and I was over by the water making a marijuana delivery in Seattle. The driver in front of me nearly ran off the road when he slid in some water. He could have taken his car right into the river if it was not for a statue that stood in his way. I suddenly began to think about the tires on my vehicle and how they needed to be changed before they were to bear and bald to stop me in the event of an accident.


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