Favorite products at dispensary

My partner and I live about 2 minutes south of Los Angeles… Every couple of weeks, we love to spend the weekend in the city, but all of us mainly make the trip for the sake of going to see Beverly Hills.

All of us just care about the area, we’ve found that the best weather is in the Spring and fall, however we also appreciate the Christmas decorations on Rodeo Drive, since we don’t go all that often, we allow ourselves to splurge.

All of us spend a little extra currency to start the morning with supper at Polo Lounge and then I go shopping at Rodeo Drive. All of us always do more window shopping than actual buying, however it’s always fun to explore the luxury shops and people watch. When we get weary of walking, we hop onto the Beverly Hills Trolley and take the 40 minute tour. For a snack, we always make a point to stop at the Sprinkles Cupcake Bakery, it operates love an ATM however gives out fresh cupcakes. Another point of interest is the local cannabis dispensary. Since we live in California, we have simple access to a variety of marijuana shops. We’ve shopped at all different types of dispensaries, from important, modern facilities to cozy little boutique shops. The Beverly Hills location offers some certain products that we can’t find anywhere else. Their on-site bakery creates some certainly amazing cannabis-infused cookies, brownies and chocolates… My partner can’t get enough of their peanut butter cups. I am a fan of cannabis-infused beverages. I would much rather drink a cannabis mocktail than actual alcohol. I can absolutely control the dosage and I avoid the hangover the next morning. They also feature brands and strains of smokable flower with truly amazing cannabinoid and terpene potency.
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