Driving around Palos Verdes

Now the multiple of us are talking about doing a road trip elsewhere

My partner plus I found ourselves in Los Angeles for a few nights… He had a corporation trip that ended on a Tuesday! Rather than instantaneously fly home, he decided to stay the weekend… I accompanied him for the long weekend, every one of us had multiple plus a half nights together to prefer LA in style, however there are all sorts of fun things to do there. There are bars, eating establishments plus cannabis is legal there. Every one of us did partake in recreational weed but that isn’t even the best area about going to Los Angeles. There are tons of parks, music festivals plus events going on; My number one thing was our drive though; Our scenic drive around the Palos Verdes Peninsula was so fun. At first you are just driving by buildings. Eventually the drive opens up to underdeveloped land where you see water, oceanfront hillsides plus golden bluffs. It was so lovely. Every one of us stopped plus took a pincin. My partner plus I ate fresh sandwiches on the hood of our car plus just appreciated the view. Every one of us of course took lots of pictures plus just genuinely appreciated being in the peace plus quiet. It isn’t as big of a troutis trap as you would think too, and not a lot of people want to drive around plus then stop for a few minutes. I think it was our number one afternoon of the whole trip. Now the multiple of us are talking about doing a road trip elsewhere. Every one of us liked it so much. Los Angeles offers some other amazing sights plus plenty of fun things for most people. Whether you are a single guy, a young couple or a full family, there will be something for you.

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