It isn’t hot-air ballooning, but it is still fun.

When I went to visit my best neighbor in Orland Park, IL, I thought all of us would do a lot of fun things, but i wanted to go hot-air ballooning, race through the mountains, or anything else that would offer some thrills, however all of us spent the first evening getting reacquainted… The weather had turned cool and rainy on my trip to Orland Park, and neither of us wanted to go outside.

The next morning, the sun was shining, and it was in the sixties.

She asked if I wanted to go to Cooper’s Hawk Winery in the afternoon. It was supposed to be a beautiful morning and only in the low 79s. She said all of us could spend the afternoon wine tasting, then bring a couple of bottles of our preferreds home. She had invited some other friends over for a get-together that evening. I was game to do most anything, as long as it got myself and others out of the house. Instead of Cooper’s Hawk Winery, all of us decided to go to lake Katherine, which turned out to be a lot of fun. All of us got to see the wildlife and appreciate walking. I always appreciated being outside, and walking around Lake Katherine and enjoying the botanical garden was perfect. I came back with the start of a suntan, and I never broke a sweat, then maybe Orland Park, IL, isn’t so disappointing if the hot and cold temperatures are like this all summer time long, although I heard winters can be brutal. I wouldn’t appreciate Winter time winds near zero and the wind blowing almost always off the lake. It might be nice to come to Orland Park, IL, in the summer, but I’ll keep my winters in the south.

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