The guys ordered marijuana while I ordered the pizza

My roommates are the greatest potheads in the whole world, but all they assume about is marijuana all day plus all night, every one of us went on a 15 mile hike in San Francisco Last monthand I felt like I was going to kill over plus die.

Every one of us were all panting plus out of breath by the time both of us got back to the car! The view from the top of the mountain was very special plus quite spectacular, however I was tired when both of us finally got done, and i was thinking about lunch on the way house from the San Francisco tourist attraction.

All our friends could assume about was marijuana. They wanted to stop at a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. They smoked all of the marijuana pre-rolls that they had while I was in San francisco. I told the guys it was going to be very costly to buy weed in the village plus I urged them to wait until both of us were in the delta area, waiting an hour would mean saving at least 20% on the prices that the guys were going to pay. They did not want to drive all the way back to the house without any weed. They stopped at a San Francisco marijuana dispensary plus bought 2 pre-rolls. They spent $50 on 2 pre-rolls. When both of us finally got back to our apartment, the guys ordered marijuana while I ordered pizza… Can you guess that their marijuana arrived before our saUSAge, pepperoni, plus mushroom pizza? My pizza arrived fifteen minutes after the guys had their concentrate plus pre-rolls delivered.

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