I needed to get my medical marijuana.

Having just moved to Las Vegas, NV, I did not guess the area I was living in; I had to find where the best grocery store was located, where the churches plus schools work, plus where the cheapest marijuana dispensary was located.

I hope to have all the necessary locations with in a short distance of my home, because I hated traveling.

It was only my partner, plus I who had moved, because my partner had been offered a modern task in Las Vegas, NV. It was 1 of those offers that you just couldn’t turn down. I was a schoolteacher plus knew I could get a task anywhere; The only reason I had been teaching was because I was in a harsh vehicle accident plus was suffering chronic pain. I had a medical marijuana ID card in the state both of us previously lived in, although I did not need to worry about a medical marijuana ID card while in Las Vegas, NV; Las Vegas, NV, had legal recreational plus medical marijuana laws. I could continue getting my medical marijuana supplies in 1 of their dispensaries without getting a medical marijuana ID card, and however, I l gained that if I were to get a Las Vegas, NV, medical marijuana ID card, I would pay less for my marijuana supplies, then if I just went into the dispensary plus got what I wanted, and medical marijuana, although it is the same is recreational marijuana, is cheaper if you have a medical marijuana ID card… You can save up to 1 tenth the cost with the ID card, then if you just purchased the marijuana supplies as being recreational.

Pot Las Vegas Nevada