There’s a cannabis paraphernalia store across from The Diag on State St

My grandfather used to operate a pharmacy in downtown Ann Arbor before the building where he was renting got sold to a large developer. They turned the whole building into a section of restaurants to increase foot traffic near The Diag on State St. Instead of fighting the decision, my grandfather took his business down to Burns Park off Packard St where it still resides to this day. Unfortunately, I had to leave my beloved city of Ann Arbor for a few years during middle school and high school after my parents got divorced and my mother took my siblings and I to go live with her own parents in Lansing. While the Michigan State University campus is beautiful, I was never the biggest fan of Lansing in general. It would naturally be hard to sustain any sense of wonder or surprise regarding trees and foliage in any city after living in a place like Ann Arbor for so long. You can easily take it for granted that the city has so many trees from street block to street block until you visit a city where you don’t get this at all. Yesterday I was walking along the Diag when I saw a sign for a brand new cannabis paraphernalia store. It was a rebranded nicotine vape store that had moved into being a head shop and a medical weed retailer. While I get all of my legal cannabis from recreational marijauan stores, I was intrigued by this new head shop and dropped in to pay a visit. I was surprised to see a 30% off sale for this cannabis dry herb vaporizer.

Recreational Pot Store Ann Arbor Michigan