I finally found some fellow friends in Albuquerque

I thought I would be forced to give up our love of playing music in bands when I left the substantial town out east for a life in the southwest.

  • At first our wifey thought she was headed for the corporate offices in Phoenix, but at the last hour her manager changed his mind and sent us to Albuquerque instead.

The former town has twice the population of the latter, so I upset if I’d be able to make friends in a smaller urban sprawl. However, it has been a lot easier than I initially expected to make friends here in Albuquerque. I found a group online of fellow musicians interested in our favorite genres of music who also happened to reside in Burque. Not that many of us started discussing plans to meet up for an informal jam session. This turned out actually well when we met up at a professional rehearsal studio in Nob Hill. All of us then found a more affordable location for jams in the International District. Now we jam twice a week for fun and sometimes play gigs if our friends need a fill in band at the last hour. All of us all shop at the same cannabis dispensary in La Mesa on Copper Ave after we finish our jam sessions. Most of us buy cannabis flower products, but myself and the drummer are both big fans of dabbing cannabis concentrates like shatter and live rosin. Albuquerque has quite a few cannabis stores from a single town to the next, but we actually like this location in La Mesa compared to some of the other cannabis dispensaries in the city.

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