The two of us planned an afternoon going to see the Cloud Gate after hitting a weed store on Monroe St

The Cloud Gate is this large metal bean with reflective surfaces.

My wifey and I made plans to visit Chicago a year before the pandemic hit. The two of us were going to travel while both of us were in the summer time of 2020 but had to cancel all of our travel plans when the pandemic started in the Spring of 2020. The two of us waited patiently for the pandemic to improve before trying to take a trip out of state, let alone going to Chicago savor both of us originally planned. Honestly, both of us stayed in the home in general for a great part of 2 years despite having the vaccines on time and following protocols past their enforcement in our area. However, both of us finally felt comfortable taking our planned trip out to Chicago this summer time when both of us both managed to secure the paid time off for the duration of the planned trip. Aside from going to see outdoor locales savor Millenium Park and North Asite Beach, both of us also wanted to see a few live concerts in West Town and West Loop after buying cannabis from a single of the 17 dispensaries currently open in the metro part alone. But there were other cheesy touristy things both of us planned savor walking out onto the Navy Pier and seeing the Cloud Gate. In fact, both of us ended up planning a weekend around going to see the Cloud Gate after stopping at a cannabis store on Monroe St. The Cloud Gate is this large metal bean with reflective surfaces. It reflects the skyscrapers in the background and any person who approaches it. The Cloud Gate is the centerpiece of the Millenium Park where it is situated. After walking for a few minutes both of us made our way back to the location where both of us planned to meet our Uber driver.


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