Treating arthirits with tinctures and topicals

I began struggling with signs of arthritis in my early fifties.

I’d notice that my fingers felt stiff in the early morning, end of the day or on especially chilly winter days.

When my knuckles started to ache, I searched out home remedies. I learned that yellow raisins soaked in gin overnight work well to alleviate the pain and stiffness. I also drank dark red cherry juice and rubbed Vicks into my knuckles. These methods were sufficient to allow me to continue with my regular life. A little over a year ago, my fingers swelled up so badly and so quickly that I was forced to cut the rings off my hands. I suddenly had difficulty making a fist, braiding my hair and opening jars. Typing on the keypad of my laptop was painful and challening. This was a big problem because my job requires me to work on a computer forty hours a week. I knew I needed a better solution than eating raisins. I was unwilling to waste time going to a doctor because I refuse to take pharmaceuticals. The side effects are typically worse than the original condition. I don’t need liver damage in order to treat the swelling in my fingers. Fortunately, recreational cannabis was recently legalized in Michigan. Living in Ann Arbor, there’s plenty of dispensaries to choose from. I visted the closest one and was grateful for the assistance and advice of a very knowlegeable, friendly and helpufl budtender. He told me that I could treat my arthritis from the inside and outside by choosing tinctures and topicals. I place a dose of a tincture under my tongue for sublingual absorption and fast-acting effects. I rub a cannabis-infused ointment directly into the knucles. I choose products with a high CBD and low THC content for the sake of curative properties. The CBD works to reduce pain and inflammation. The results have been miraculous.
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