On 420, the city was filled with cool events and music shows

I purchased as many infused marijuana joints as I could.

420 is a major holiday around here. There are people everywhere that go crazy for marijuana. All of the dispensaries have sales and free giveaways. My friends and I saved a bunch of money from Christmas until Easter, so we could spend money on 420 and get some of the best deals on marijuana supplies. I found out that one of the dispensaries was going to have my favorite infused marijuana pre-rolls for half price. I told my friends that I was going to drive to San Francisco to go to that particular dispensary. We talked about the events and shows that were happening in San Francisco. My friends decided to go to the Bay Area too. They were just going to hang out at the house and play video games all day, but taking a drive to the city sounded like a heck of a lot more fun. There were lots of cool events and music shows in the bay area. We found deals on marijuana at several San Francisco dispensaries. The place by the water did have half-price infused joints. They didn’t have any limit either. I purchased as many infused marijuana joints as I could. It turned out to be 12 different packages. I spent almost all of the money that I had saved, but I didn’t care at all. The whole reason why my friends and I drove to San Francisco on 4/20 was so I could purchase those items and get them for a cheap price. Of course, the free music shows and citywide events were a lot of fun too.

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