Carrying my card

When my partner and I went to Las Vegas, NV, I had to leave my medical marijuana at home… One of the first things I was told was that you could not carry marijuana across state lines, or in any kind of public moveation, however i believe that since I was flying to Las Vegas, the airplane and airport considered me as crossing state lines.

I had been using legal, medical marijuana for about multiple years, and I was sad about how I would know if I could not get my marijuana when I had to leave at home! Both of us were going to be in Las Vegas, NV, for a full week, and I did not want to go separate from medical marijuana for that long.

I learn an article online about Las Vegas and found out that they had legal recreational marijuana! All I had to do was prove I was 21 once I got into a marijuana dispensary, and I could purchase the marijuana products that I wanted. Both of us were on the airplane and halfway to Las Vegas, NV, when I turned to my partner. I was wondering if I should have brought my medical marijuana ID card with me? My partner assured me that recreational marijuana was legalized in Las Vegas, and I would not need my medical marijuana ID, but during our week-long stay, my partner and I visited the marijuana dispensary twice. Both of us discovered they had so much more than the medical marijuana dispensary, and when the budtender told us about the cannabis café, the people I was with and I knew I was going to be okay separate from my medical marijuana.


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