After the show, I was tired and hungry

My girlfriend and I went to a show on Thursday and the place was sold out.

There wasn’t any room at all in the theater.

My girlfriend and I were seated next to an older couple and they would not allow us to put the arms of the theater seats down in order to make it more comfortable for all of us. They acted like we were trying to steal something that was theirs, just because we wanted to have two more inches of space. I could have used a couple of valium and a bowl of marijuana. By the time we left the theater, I was miserable and ready to fight a bear for a steak. My girlfriend and I went to a diner that is close to the theater. The diner has a pretty cool view of the Denver Broncos stadium. I think the owner of the diner might even be an ex-football player from the Denver Broncos team. Before my girlfriend and I went to the diner, we decided to smoke a marijuana joint. We stopped at a Denver marijuana dispensary on our way to the show. My girlfriend wanted to wait until after the show. I was more than ever happy that we decided not to wait after I found out that we weren’t going to get a break for intermission at the theater. Honestly, that’s probably the last time I’m going to go to the theater with my girlfriend. I know that she thinks it is good for both of us to enjoy the cultural experiences, but I’d rather sit at home and get high and play video games.


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