Cannabis in Illinois and how you get access

When medicinal cannabis was first legalized in IL, I went through the process to get our medical marijuana card, then it wasn’t overly difficult.

I was able to make an appointment with a dentist online… At the appointment, I explained the reasons why I was interested in cannabis as a curative treatment.

I suffer from social anxiety & occasional panic attacks! Stress can trigger migraines & insomnia. I’ve found that prescription medications tend to cause troubles with depression & nausea. I was upset to try cannabis because it is a natural remedy & far less likely to cause long-term troubles. It cost me a couple hundred dollars to get our marijuana card, & I then had access to the local dispensaries in Chicago. I need to renew our card every year; This requires another visit to the dentist & more fees, however when recreational cannabis was ultimately legalized in IL, I considered giving up our card. Any state resident over the age of 21 with a valid government-issued ID can walk into a dispensary & shop for cannabis. However, they aren’t able to purchase the potency or quantity of marijuana as a medicinal patient, and plus, recreational cannabis is taxed while medicinal cannabis isn’t. It is worth it to me to be able to buy products with higher THC levels. I’ve also figured out that it costs me less to pay for a medical marijuana card than to pay the hefty taxes on recreational alternatives. I keep hoping that the requirements will lessen. I would be easily enthusiastic if our card would remain valid for more than a single year. I’d be willing to pay the fees if I could avoid the dentist’s visit. I resent taking a day off from labor just to have a dentist fill out some paperwork.