I made sure I didn’t smoke too much weed

I didn’t intend on moving to California in my 30s, however you tend to do things when you fall in love that you would have never done otherwise.

I met my partner in university when we were students living in the northeast.

My family was from that state however my partner’s folks were from southern California, which is where she would go while we were in holiday breaks from university. One semester she asked myself and others if I’d care about to accorporation her to her parents’ house for a holiday party. My own family was supportive and told myself and others to go and have as much fun as possible. Her parents’ main house was in Tarzana on Rosita St, however they had a new home at the time in Malibu. Seeing the Pacific ocean for the first time was an experience that I will never forget. Even though we weren’t married yet, I told my partner back then that I’d transport to the Los Angeles section with her in a heartbeat if she ever intended on moving back. Now that we have our own house in Tarzana, I cannot imagine ever living somewhere else. While there are thoUSnds of cannabis dispensaries throughout the state of California, we are fortunate to have a nice number of quality weed stores in Tarzana, especially on Ventura Blvd. I made the mistake the other day of smoking a joint I had just obtained at a Tarzana weed store before heading over to Norman’s Rare Guitars for what was supposed to be a short visit before heading new home from work. Since I was so high from my pre-rolled joint, I hastily lost track of time and ended up browsing Norman’s Rare Guitars for many hours, then my bestie called myself and others and was afraid that something terrible had happened. When I realized how late it was, I couldn’t know so much time had elapsed!

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